100 Miles an Hour Single


"100 Miles an Hour", the new single from The Primary's upcoming album Square One, has been released exclusively on Bandcamp. Buy the single today or become a subscriber and get it along with our entire back catalog.

Energetic and exciting...an addictive nature...hard-hitting drums and hypnotic riffs.” - Noah Penza

— freshoutofthebooth.com

This is great music that packs so much energy and punch...right up your alley if you like catchy rock songs.”

— thebandcampdiaries.com

A master class in melody with incredibly catchy vocals and guitar work...a very spirited release, filled with plenty of energy and melodic bliss.”

— whichcoast.com

(they) remind you of Interpol, Radiohead and even the legendary Pink Floyd...the passion is there, the song-writing is strong and the instrumentals are top-notch.”

— Independent Media Magazine

The strong songwriting craftsmanship of the band is also shown in the beautiful crafted lyrics that simply amazed fans when first listening to the band's music.” - Isaac Davis Jr.

— Junior's Cave Online Magazine

You don't sound like anybody else and that's good. You are not copying anybody...That's totally unique and that's important!” - Kidd Kraddick

— Kidd Kraddick in the Morning - 106.1 Kiss FM

Solid rock music is a rare find. It's also subjective and varies from one listener to the next. So let me give you my incomplete list in no particular order of good rock bands over the years: Marcy Playground, U2, The Smiths, Maktub, Chubby, Garbage, Radiohead. The list goes on of course, but this serves as the backdrop for my review of a local band called The Primary. With solid musicianship and some really cool vocals, this four man band is poised to join my list.” - Maurice Moss

— Dallas Music Examiner